2018 Cinematography

For what it’s worth sharing, just due to the nature of the type of productions I found myself working on this year, about 92% of the scenes in this reel were shot in a very reactive run and gun style. Often just me operating alone with no crew. This was […]

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This One’s for the Dogs

New York’s, Lewis Manor¬†Labradoodles, have been breeding the highest quality¬†Australian Labradoodles since 2010. Emphasizing extremely well selected genetics and their early training program, their dogs are some of the most sought after pets in the world. This film is a brief look at their program and team members who work […]

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Cafe Racer

An unfinished personal project. I began filming this just for fun with my brother during a visit. We didn’t have time to shoot the road footage we wanted, so we will call this “to be continued…” My brother built this bike. It started as a 1980 Suzuki GS550. Then he […]

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War Tribe Gear Videos

4 Commercials in 24 hrs

4 New War Tribe Gear Videos This was a rush order project to launch 4 new apparell product styles with two colors each, making a total of 8 products to be filmed and photographed for the War Tribe Gear black friday sale. Sometimes I feel like my job is professional […]

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