Off The Beaten Path

Alisa and her cousin Charae invited me out to photograph them at Cannon Beach on their last day in Oregon during their road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. I’ve actually known Alisa for several years as we worked alongside each other at several weddings back at our home in […]

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VIP No. 1 // Dan Garrison

VERY INTERESTING PERSON No. 1 ///  DAN GARRISON  “I had planned on retiring after 30 years. Then 9/11 happened and I decided to stay in a few more years. Two weeks after my 50th birthday I jumped out of a C-5 from 10,000 feet with 375 of my men and […]

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Photo Blogging Best Practices.

Photo Blogging Best Practices

Photo Blogging Best Practices Building a Great Website and Crafting Your Blog Posts to Attract the Clients You Want. Part 3 | How To Start a Photography Business. Disclaimer: This post shares things I’m currently working on improving in my own work. I’m no Jedi yet. This is going to […]

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Bend Oregon Photographer

Life with the Stasi Tribe

A Family Lifestyle Photo Session in Charlotte, NC. Luke & Brittney are dear friends of ours that we visited back in March. They have 5 children. We have 2. With 11 people in the house, it was a busy atmosphere for sure. But really that’s just par for the course […]

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Interview with Nicole Mason

Interview with Nicole Mason Part 3 in the How to Start a Photography Business series. In the last two posts in this series, I started out with more of the visionary and legal aspects of starting your own photography business. If you’re new here, I would highly encourage you to […]

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