War Tribe Gear & Girls in Gis

War Tribe Gear + Girls in Gis

War Tribe Gear + Girls in Gis My latest video production for War Tribe Gear was a collaboration project with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu non-profit organization, Girls in Gis. The mission of Girls in Gis is to promote participation and camaraderie for women in BJJ. War Tribe Gear has been […]

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The Real Moments

Creating authentic people portraits is all about connection. The photographer has the dual task of forming a connection with the subject which helps that person open up and be vulnerable with you, and then create a photograph which inspires a connection between the viewer and the subject in the photograph. […]

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The Love of Thousands

A few days ago I was thinking about setting some goals for myself in my photography. One of them was that I want to photograph something that no one has ever seen before… Then it occurred to me, that I just did that… Last week… Maybe it wasn’t obvious to […]

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