Photo Blogging Best Practices.

Photo Blogging Best Practices

Photo Blogging Best Practices Building a Great Website and Crafting Your Blog Posts to Attract the Clients You Want. Part 3 | How To Start a Photography Business. Disclaimer: This post shares things I’m currently working on improving in my own work. I’m no Jedi yet. This is going to […]

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Interview with Nicole Mason

Interview with Nicole Mason Part 3 in the How to Start a Photography Business series. In the last two posts in this series, I started out with more of the visionary and legal aspects of starting your own photography business. If you’re new here, I would highly encourage you to […]

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Part 2 | Avoiding Legal Mistakes

How to Start a Photography Business | Part 2 | Avoiding Legal Mistakes Business Liability Insurance, Client Contracts, and other necessary legal stuff. In my previous article in this series, I used the analogy of board game squares to address the starting point (square 1) in How to Start a […]

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