How to Use Manual Mode

Learn How To Shoot In Manual Mode. I asked several people what subject they most wanted me to write about and, by far, the most popular answer was how to shoot in manual mode. It’s that all powerful yet all confusing “M” setting on your camera dial, which many beginners […]

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What Lens Did You Use?

A guide to understanding How Lenses Work and How Focal Length Affects Perspective. It usually goes something like this: someone posts a photo that they’re proud of on their blog or Facebook. They get a bunch of likes and inevitably the question comes, “What lens did you use?” We’ve all done […]

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Why Photography?

Why do I make photographs?   This is a question that I have wrestled with for some time now. Why is this something I’m passionate about? Why do images move my soul in ways that words never could? Why do I feel so compelled to constantly make new photographs? Why? […]

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