War Tribe Gear Videos

4 Commercials in 24 hrs

4 New War Tribe Gear Videos This was a rush order project to launch 4 new apparell product styles with two colors each, making a total of 8 products to be filmed and photographed for the War Tribe Gear black friday sale. Sometimes I feel like my job is professional […]

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Adapt x Overcome

Adaptive Rock Climbing & Kayaking. Volunteering with Oregon Adaptive Sports is possibly the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my photography. This fall I had the privilege to go along for two really cool events. The first OAS group outdoor rock climbing trip at the famous Smith Rock and […]

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Cover + Story | 1889 Mag

Last spring I had my first magazine editorial shoot. The story was about the succesful conservation of Razor Clams on the Washington coast. It was a pretty laid back and relaxed story to shoot. Walk around on the beach and take pictures of people digging for clams. Since it was […]

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Authenticity is Never a Fad

When it comes to senior photos, I’ve never been a fan of making the subject look like a fashion model. I’ve always made it my highest goal in shooting portraits to try to capture who the person really is rather than make them look like something I want them to […]

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Bandon Fire & Rescue Dive Team

Bandon Fire & Rescue Dive Team Photo Essay for 1859 Oregon’s Magazine. Stories about heroic members of the EMS community are not uncommon. It’s their job to be courageous; doing what it takes to save the lives of people in distress and the rest of us are unspeakably grateful for […]

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War Tribe Gear & Girls in Gis

War Tribe Gear + Girls in Gis

War Tribe Gear + Girls in Gis My latest video production for War Tribe Gear was a collaboration project with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu non-profit organization, Girls in Gis. The mission of Girls in Gis is to promote participation and camaraderie for women in BJJ. War Tribe Gear has been […]

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