4 New War Tribe Gear Videos

This was a rush order project to launch 4 new apparell product styles with two colors each, making a total of 8 products to be filmed and photographed for the War Tribe Gear black friday sale.

Sometimes I feel like my job is professional problem solver instead of photographer. In this case I had a few situations going on simultaneously that I had to find solutions for.

First, this was a short notice project. I had 7 days from contract to deadline, and the first 5 of those days were spent on logistics – ordering equipment and waiting for rush delivery, a 6 hour round trip to Portland to pick up the seamless white background, a few hours of set up and then about 5 hours of troubleshooting my malfunctioning new gimbal which was ultimately determined to be defective.

On shoot day, the gimbal failure caused several hours of delay turning what should have been about a 7-8 hour day into a 12 hour day. I was fortunate to know someone else local who had one and they were kind enough to loan it to me for the rest of the day. It was a long day but it ended up a success. These were all shot on a Canon 5D Mark III on a (working) DJI Ronin-MX.

The next day consisted of another 12 hrs in post production. Cutting and coloring 1 video at a time in Adobe Premiere CC and sending to the client for approval and making changes as needed. After a total of 24 hours between shooting and editing, the job was done and we were all happy with the result.

Take a look.