Adaptive Rock Climbing & Kayaking.

Volunteering with Oregon Adaptive Sports is possibly the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my photography.

This fall I had the privilege to go along for two really cool events. The first OAS group outdoor rock climbing trip at the famous Smith Rock and a birthday kayaking experience for a young man with cerebral palsy. He had never been in a boat before let alone experienced the thrill of paddling around one of the most scenic lakes in the Central Oregon Cascades.

Love for the outdoors is as common as breathing, but what if you had a condition which made experiencing that awe, peace, and freedom impossible for you? How would that affect you to only be able to see mountains, rivers, and lakes in pictures? Or not be able to see them at all and only able to be told about them? Imagine how your own life would be different.

OAS is changing lives by making it possible for people to experience the wonder of nature who would otherwise never know what it’s like to stand on a mountain or ride a bike.

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