I thought I was just going to take photos for a story. I didn’t realize that I was going to receive a lesson in marine biology, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this project and the knowledge I gained from it.

They’ve been a highly prized and sought after culinary delicacy for decades in Spain and Portugal, fetching a steep price at posh restaurants. They’ve been little known in the west though until recently. What are they? Allow me to introduce you to the Gooseneck Barnacle. 

Lincoln City, Oregon.

Gooseneck Barnacle Gooseneck Barnacle Gooseneck Barnacle Gooseneck Barnacle Gooseneck Barnacle

Behind The Scenes

Whenever possible, I love to bring my boys along with me on these photo trips. This time I just brought my oldest son since mommy couldn’t come to watch his little brother. It was actually our first real father-son solo weekend where we went camping and engaged in gratuitous exploration of everything which grabbed our attention. It was also his first time to really get to see to this spectular coastline for more than just a drive by. I’ll never forget the moment he spoke up with total amazement in his little 5 yr old voice…

“Daddy, I never want to leave this place.”