I’ve done lots of work for the Ronald McDonald House of Scranton, PA. Most of the time I was covering public events, fundraisers and press conferences, but a few times I got to do things that were more interesting.

In this case, they wanted some new artwork to display in the family room at Geisinger Community Medical Center. They wanted to feature children and a testimonial from the parents who received the care services of the RMH while their children were hospitalized.

Any photographer who has tried to get two very young children to pay attention at the same time for a good portrait knows that it’s basically impossible. You either get lucky, or you have to find a way to deal with the results. I didn’t get lucky in this case. I spent about 20 minutes shooting endlessly trying to get a single image where both of these little girls were looking at the camera. I never got one and before long, as is often the case with young ones, they reached their limit of tolerance for this activity. We had to stop shooting because they were both getting cranky so I had to choose two images and blend them together in order to get both of their faces.

The finished image below is printed on 24 x 36 aluminum and displayed in the hospital.

Ronald McDonald House Scranton