I recently finished a full-scale web design project for the school which my son attends. I’m not really a web designer, but I’ve done a number of websites over the years for myself so I felt that I was ready to take it on.¬†We’re big believers in progressive education and when we went searching for a suitable school for our son, we were really excited when we found Kidinc Preschool. Their old website wasn’t doing them justice at all and so since we’re such fans of their program, I was more than happy to do this project even though web design isn’t technically something I offer as a service.

The Process

The owner of Kidinc, Chantelle, is a pretty creative and artistic person herself and so when we were discussing the project, she was clear that she DIDN’T want it to look cookie-cutter. Good news for me. I knew that first of all it needed to be mobile-friendly and much more readable than the old site. I pitched the idea to use lots of big, full-screen images and to include a header video on the homepage. The text and navigation needed to be clean and non-distracting and we would let the quality imagery do the heavy lifting of the visual esthetics.

I chose a WordPress theme that was pretty nice right out of the box and then got to work. It took me a little longer to do this than it would have taken for a real professional web designer, but I think the end result is still the same. The hardest part was carrying over one particular component which she wanted to keep from the old website. The animated gears which make up the main menu were a visual feature that Chantelle really loved so I had to find a way to incorporate animated image links into the theme. I spent a few days just on that feature alone, but it worked out and we’re both happy with it.

Most notable with this project is the landing page video. It was something that I started envisioning the moment I took on the project. I wanted to make their site really stand out from any other local school in order to do their awesome program justice. I wanted to create a video which both displays the quality of their program and conveys a sense of the childhood wonder which she so passionately cultivates in every aspect. (And she really does a good job of that.)

I’m proud to share this in my portfolio. This doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily offering web design as a service now, but if you’re particularly interested, feel free to drop me a line. If nothing else, I’ll be happy to provide your imagery.

Take a look and feel free to leave a comment below!


Kidinc is located in Redmond, Oregon.