Last year we moved out of our home in Pennsylvania with the dream of converting our old greyhound bus into a tiny home and traveling the country full time. We had planned to travel until we would someday find a place that we loved enough to settle down and call it home. It was a big and audacious dream which we were very excited about. The purpose though was really that point of finding a new place to call home.

We planned that the project of converting the bus would take about 3-4 months… Boy were we wrong about that! We spent a YEAR living with my wife’s parents and working on the bus, but it still wasn’t finished. In the meantime we had already decided that we wanted to make our new home in Bend, Oregon. Long story short, the project drained us financially so we decided to put it on hold and go ahead with the move west.

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So here we are! We are all quite taken with the beauty of Oregon and all that the Bend area has to offer. It’s definitely a major life upgrade.

My first impressions of Oregon: it is unbelievably beautiful. The people here are the kindest I’ve ever met. The love for art and creativity in all aspects of life is inspiring. And I love that there are so many people like us with converted buses! I feel like we just joined a family… Looking forward to the day when we bring our bus here to live with us!

In celebration of our relocation, I’m offering two amazing deals:

First, I’m offering 3 portrait sessions at 50% off for a few adventurous couples or families who want to hit the mountains and make some big frames together. For more info, shoot me a message.

Second, I’m offering 3 commercial shoots for a deal so good I can’t actually say it here. You have to contact me to get the info. If you’re a business or know someone who owns a business, then do the right thing and get in touch with me. 

See you soon!