Scientist | Archeologist | Anthropologist | Barn Wedding Venue Owner.

I’ve often described Craig as the closest real version of Indiana Jones you’ll ever meet. I first met him in 2013 when we were photographing a wedding at his home/farm/wedding venue – Fiddle Lake Farm. It was an unusually relaxed wedding day with lots of down time and my wife and I found ourselves sitting with Craig for dinner and completely enthralled in this mans stories and enthusiasm for life and the things that really matter. He recounts stories from his youth with such clarity and energy that you would think they just happened yesterday.

He’s traveled the world, searched for lost treasure, lived with tribes in the Amazon, met and conversed with Harrison Ford, flirted with Georgia O’Keefe and was friends with Robert Redford. His most prized possessions are an Anaconda hide and ceremonial sword gifted to him from an indian man in the Amazon who earned them during his tribal rite of passage into manhood.


Brenizer Method panoramic stitched from 50 images shot with an 85mm. Textured with real 35mm film scans. Click to view larger.


Freelensed tilt/shift. 50mm 1.8 FD.


Holding the anaconda hide and ceremonial sword. His most prized possessions.

Craig-Benson-VIP-3-3 Craig-Benson-VIP-3-5 Craig-Benson-VIP-3-6

Craig and his wife Pam, photographed in their home.