I met Tom in 2012. He’s is a bit of a renaissance man. Author, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, used car salesman…

The later is his current occupation. In the city of Scranton, where I’m from, there’s a car lot on almost every street. In a city flooded with vehicles for sale, I think Tom is my favorite. He’s genuinely excited about cars and he loves getting to meet new people every day when they walk through his door.

He made it into my Very Interesting People series because I loved talking to him. He’ll talk your ear off and you’ll thank him for it because he’s just so lively and engaging.

He wrote a book decades ago about a photographer named Carl Moon who spent his life photographing the Navajo people in the western US.

I had thought about adding him to my project for a long time, so finally just before we moved away from Scranton, I made a point to go see him and get his portrait in his office at the car lot, holding his book, “In Search of the Wild Indian.”

Tom-Driebe-VIP-2-2 carl-moon21

Photo: Carl Moon.