WordPress Blog Security

Protecting Your Site From Hacks and Cyber Threats.

This was not a planned post, but some recent events made me think this was worth writing about. This is not a sponsored post in any way. I’m sharing this because WordPress Blog Security should be important to any blogger and sharing this is the right thing to do.

My web host, ThirtyPoint Designs, recently introduced me to a WordPress Blog Security plugin called WordFence. It allows you to set security parameters for access to your site and also notifies you of users who attempt to break the rules you set. It’s only been a month or so since it’s been installed on all my websites and since then, it has protected me from literally dozens if not hundreds of cyber threats.

The events which inspired me to write about this just happened today. I received multiple WordFence email alerts letting me know of users who had been blocked due to too many failed login attempts. I had the parameters set to limit login attempts to 20 and then the user would be blocked for 10 minutes.

WordPress Blog Security. Protecting Your Site From Hacks and Cyber Threats

The alerts give you the user IP address and location and I noticed that the same IP was attempting a “brute force” attack by simply trying to guess my username and password over and over hoping to succeed and hack my site. They were reaching the 20 attempt limit and then waiting the 10 minute lock out period and then trying again. They did it 3 times.

No way.

Immediately, I logged in and opened the WordFence panel and manually permanently blocked the IP from accessing the site again and then I significantly tightened down the security on all my sites.

WordPress Blog Security. Protecting Your Site From Hacks and Cyber Threats



There are lots of options and levels of security which you can set depending on your needs. Like with most plugins, there’s a free version and a paid subscription which gives access to even more features.

I’ve had my website for over 6 years, but never until the last couple months have I installed any security plugin. I never realized the need. After all the notifications I’ve received since installing WordFence, I shudder to think of how many attacks have happened that I never knew about in 6 years… Pure luck…

In fact, a another photographer friend of mine recently became the unfortunate victim of a successful attack. His site was hacked and a nightmare of damage ensued.

If you are a blogger on any level, pro or not, you need to take your WordPress Blog Security seriously.

Get WordFence.

Share the word.

WordPress Blog Security. Protecting Your Site From Hacks and Cyber Threats